Sunday, 30 September 2012

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Girl Rig

It's been ages since I have updated this blog and I have lots to put up so I thought I'd make a start........

Above is the rig finished with all it's controlers and below is just a render of what the girl looks like in her bind pose (with the exception of her little smile).

Thursday, 23 February 2012

New Music....

After looking for a sound track online and failing miserably I decided to ask my lovely friend Natalie Jones to compose a track for the short and she's done a brilliant job I think. Thanks Nat :D I have stand in sound effects still but when I get round to recording them myself that will be changed. I have just roughly edited it to the pre viz so I know how the music flows with the shots.

Final Models

I've tried to keep them looking as similar as possible but changing a few things (so they don't look so much like brother and sister). So his nose is a lot bigger now and the bridge is thicker, his brow looks more masculine now too. He does look kind of surprised in his rest position but I think I'm happy to move on now. Hopefully when the blends are finalised it will look better. 
She's also slightly taller. I want her to seem pretty governing for most of the short with the main focus being her ballsy attitude, so I think it will help a bit. It supports the whole girls growing faster than boys thing too. Also the size difference will help strengthen the ending when there's a difference in tone and she is sitting. He is then in control of the situation and is standing, maybe giving the impression of superiority.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Character Model changes...


I decided that the boy looked too similar to the girl and some people had said they thought that they might be brother and sister. I do not want the audience to get that impression, things could get weird. So I made some more minor changes. I made his eyes smaller, changed the texture up a bit and changed the shape of his nose, jaw and chin.